Thursday, March 31, 2011

Before & After Photos

Well I only have before photos. Lots of them. Actually at all different weights. Anyways, nothing frustrates me more than seeing a bad before photo. Yes, I know we don't all look our "best" before we lose weight but c'mon people! I know people don't feel their best when they're heavy but it's so frustrating when the before pic is a blurry shot of someone eating KFC.

Here are my tips to a good before shot:
  1. Smile! Even if you have to fake it just keep grinning!
  2. Look into the camera, it's not a mugshot
  3. Take it in front of a door frame or the refrigerator - anything that will help you gauge size and cropping so your pics aren't all zoomed into different proportions
  4. Angles are key - make sure you get them from all sides and make sure you do it every time. 
  5. Get someone to take them for you or get a tripod. A lot of mine were sideways from trying to use a dinky tripod so I got a taller one and really like the shots I have now
  6. Why not a before VIDEO? Talk about yourself, your life, why you want to lose weight, how you feel, etc.
  7. Try wearing a variety of clothes - ones you feel great in now, ones you don't fit into well, dresses, pants, workout clothes
  8. Take note of what you're wearing in the photos - i.e. what size and brand of jeans?

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