Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yoga For Dummies

So everyone that knows me is well aware that I'm lacking in the balance/coordination department. Kettlebells have helped with that a lot and my flexibility has increased as well.

Lately my hips have been tight, I'm not as good with stretching as I should be, so why not try yoga as a one stop shop exercise?

I have to admit that I have a ton of fitness DVDs that have gone unused for years. Years ago I bought a lot of Yoga DVDs when I worked at Best Buy. I did a Kathy Smith one and was so lost that I stopped. Well last night I popped in Yoga For Dummies DVD and liked it!

It really is the basics, but it gave a good overview of where each part of your body should be and what it should be doing at various stages of the moves which I found helpful. I was actually mad at myself that I've had the program for a long time and never used it.

I'd try to get it on Netflix or the library since it was really basic, but the instructor was helpful and the "dummy" tips were useful too.

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