Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Count Your Blessings...and Your Inches

When I'm feeling down about what the numbers say on the scale or even where the measuring tape falls, I find it helps to go back and look at my journal to see how far I've come.

Not all milestones can be reduced to a number. What are the milestones you have accomplished? What else do you want to accomplish?

Here are some of my goals:
  • Train my brain to realize that fullness and satiety are different. Learn that fullness is a physical feeling, not a mental idea of how much I need
  • Lose the bloat and feel great!
  • Move down a size at Lane Bryant
  • Go faster and longer at the gym
  • Fit into certain clothes in my closet again
  • Fit into Express again (it's been since 2002, I can't even really say that I like a lot of their clothing, but it's still a goal)
Things I have accomplished already:
  • I've become more trim (see my friend Chris' blog about what muscle looks like vs fat here).
  • Broadened my fitness horizons by trying kettlebells and yoga
  • I finally get out and see the beautiful scenery Southern California has!
During UKC the scale really never moved in my favor like I wanted to, but at the end it was so rewarding when I learned I had lost 15 inches. Our relationship with the scale is that of a fair weathered fan. What got me through those six weeks was the energy I felt, the fact that I was moving down in sizes, other clothing was fitting better, and I actually felt that I can do this!

Just remember that losing weight is nearly 100% mental stamina and you are a strong human being who can accomplish nearly anything you put your mind to!

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