Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Goals

Okay, so I haven't been on track which is an absolute shame (on me). I was looking at the calendar and realized I am "behind", it's amazing how it's so easy to say you are going to be a certain weight by a certain time, yet so hard to actually execute!

So, inspired by what Alysia said at today's LiveFit I decided to re-sync my goals and milestones and here's my commitment:

I have a lot of milestones and events coming my way, my cousin is getting married in September, but first I'm going in to Michigan to see my family for a wedding shower in June. Many of you know my big picture goal for UKC was to wear a "raunchy" (Alysia's term, mine was slutty) Halloween costume when I am in Las Vegas for Halloween, that still stands and I have to look good.

More seriously, I'd like to be 145-150 by Christmas and a healthy 135 by my 27th birthday, new year, new me!

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  1. Wow! We have the same exact goal...almost! I want to be 199 by June 23rd. We weigh almost the same now. We totally have to do this together!