Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artifical Sweeteners and Food Additives

Thank you to Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution team! A few weeks ago with surgery ahead of me I stocked up on products touted on the weight loss surgery (WLS) forums. As with any "diet" or weight loss protocol most people use sugar free products. This is in part due to the fact that gastric bypass patients may "dump" if they have too much sugar.

After the first season of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (on ABC) I tried to implement fresher ingredients and watching the first 2 episodes in the last 2 days has reinforced that principle. The first season he made an example of chicken byproducts, in the season premier of Season 2 he described pink slime which concerns the processing of beef...trash.

But back to natural products. A few days after surgery I made the decision to purchase full sugar products. Obviously immediate post-op foods are not healthy or natural - Jello Cups, puddings, etc. However, I decided if I need to eat that type of products for the first 2 weeks that I am not eating enough volume to justify the use of artificial sweetener.

A couple days out from using the artificially sweetened products I feel better. I notice that much of the gas that I thought I had was actually my body rejecting the additives. One of the things that attracted me to surgery is that it encourages the intake of animal proteins and healthy carbohydrates. I will be able to eat bad things eventually, without a doubt. However, I had surgery to become a better healthier person which a balanced nutritious diet will help me obtain.

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