Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heard From My Surgeon

I also heard from my surgeon yesterday evening. He said that starting on soft foods when I did was fine. He let me know that tuna may be on the soft foods list but I may want to wait until the next phase (fish) to consume it because it can be dry. I'll go ahead and start that when I finish the tuna that came in my tuna wrap I had for lunch yesterday.

He did say I can have baby shrimp so I am looking forward to buying some this week to eat. Overall I think I may be a bit dehydrated and that may be giving me hunger pangs. I'm getting in about 40 oz of water and 10 oz of protein shake so I'm nowhere near the 80-100 oz I drank before surgery.

Today I had about 10 oz of protein shake, a cup of French Onion Soup (4 oz at lunch, 4 oz at dinner), a teaspoon of spinach souffle, and a tablespoon of tuna which is just about 300 calories. Not exactly like I'm gorging myself. I don't stuff myself so I'm just giving myself blind faith that everything is okay and I am normal :)

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