Friday, May 20, 2011

Over Anticipating Results

I've said this before but I always end up feeling let down from the scale related goals I set for myself. It's been better than other weight loss attempts, but I can't say it's all motivation and willpower. (Thank you Sleevie!)

My first goal passed this past weekend. I took a business trip and wanted to be 220. I ended up at 222.8 which isn't bad but the truth to making a ton of goals ahead of time is that if you miss one goal it's only going to be more difficult to catch up.

One of the things I've found with surgery is patience that I didn't have before. Perhaps this is me maturing, but I have a hunch it's more that I know the surgery will make me successful. I have to work at it but in the months out from surgery it's fairly difficult to not do well.

It's my fear of this complacent mindset that has kept me going the past few weeks to break out of my norm and start adopting healthy habits and challenge myself. I sort of see it as a race between New Me an Old Me to see who is strongest.

I think we can all agree that once you start sneaking things on a fitness or nutrition plan is the beginning of the end. What may be a small setback for most people can lead to self hatred and bad decisions on a grand scale for others (ie ME!)

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  1. Please forgive me as I have not red all you're posts, just thought I might say this.

    A healthy body starts out with a healthy life style. Be active with at least 30mins of cardio exercise a day. Watch what you put in your mouth and what you buy; nearly all food from giant supermarkets are filled with all sorts of unwanted garbage and un-natual ingredients; stick to only real ingredients natural that is. The next step is watch how much you eat vs how much and what type of exercise you do in a day, if you eat more then you put out then you will gain weight. Also the mental attitude which is a tough one but you MUST over come this; we even I just love to eat but we have to fight that back cause if we don't well you know the answer. There is so much food we take for granted in the western worlds that is not good for us and some race's native in most or if not all case's suffer weight gain from quote "White Man Food" which is processed or unnatural foods.

    Then there is a health reason; thyroid to be precise. A thyroid can go both ways; make you gain weight and make you not gain weight, either way it is not an ticket to say "Eat what I want and do what I want" you still have to eat well and exercise well. Sitting around watching TV or playing video games either it be a game console or computer. And using the computer can be a problem too. Limit their use.

    Watch OUT for "Trans Fats", your local bakery will use this stuff in their icing, sorry but those sweets and cakes are some thing you can not eat and if any one says you can their wrong, I know it sucks but it is the truth.

    Any way leave you with this to look at and I hope it was helpful or a recap on what you already know because I could be saying things you know already if I have sorry.