Friday, February 12, 2010


So in complete honesty, I fell off of the wagon last night which is made even worse by the fact I had just left our group counseling session. I think it was mainly about it being an ingrained tradition for my birthday and having that feeling of food and family around me.

I had made plans to meet family at Friday's of all places for dinner. It's easy to get to for everyone and the portions aren't humongous like other chains. I had resolved to eat grilled chicken and steamed veggies, but I went a little too long without eating and BS'd myself into having one potato skin and a burger - no sauce and only the bottom bun. But I digress, not having the sauce or the top bun don't make the offense any lighter, I committed myself to the program and I broke my promises.

I usually avoid black and white thinking, but I know it is a slippery slope and accountability is my thing, which is why I'm posting for all to see. I've even thought about waiting even longer to reintegrate things back into my diet for that very reason. Part of the only reason I'm actually posting this is because my body felt terrible last night and this morning and I told Chris.

Yesterday I had a light breakfast and salad and got in extra cardio. But, all of that PLUS everything I'm doing today is only to play catch up for the moment of weakness yesterday, no matter how I look at it. All of the cardio I do today will not be to move me forward, it will be to make up for setbacks last night. (I still had a calorie deficit and that was with the Bodybugg's interpretation of KBs).

It's been a tough week with cravings, but in a way this has recommitted me. Emotional eater me won last night, but I'm making it a priority to be stronger the next few weeks until some not-so-bad things come back into my life.

What's done is done. I woke up this morning, took all of my vitamins, my apple cider vinegar, packed all of my food for the day, have consumed 40+ oz of water and am planning on going to the gym at lunch and in between work and UKC tonight.

Oh, BTW, my allowance system takes money away for these very things. Booo :(

There, I published it, now I have to do it.

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  1. Meg! You write so well! It was your birthday,it's ok. At least you can make it up! You always have another day to start again.

    xoxo Dawn