Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Day of UKC

We had our last day of official UKC today. I can't believe that we all met exactly 6 weeks ago for orientation. People say it takes 3 months for a full turnaround and confirmation of behavior, but I feel like we have a good head start.

I feel the change in me. My aftercare plan is really to keep moving because I know that's really important. I know that it is a slippery slope food wise so I'm not planning on making any dramatic additions, the longer I go with the original plan the longer I prolong my momentum. (I am looking forward to brown rice tortillas of all things though, oh and balsamic).

I want to start doing morning workouts, if not at the gym then at my house doing videos/kettlebells/pool. My Bodybugg shows a bigger burn when I workout in the morning, so why not capitalize on that?

Unlike other plans, my stomach has shrunken so much, too. It's unbelievable actually. What usually happens is I lose 15 pounds and I'm in the same pants and they are baggy in the legs. This time I've lost some of my tummy, I started in a XXL workout pant from Old Navy and as of this morning I fit into the large sized pants.

Honestly, I feel like I'm sprinting past other "diet" plans I've been on, as of last week I'm lower than I was a few years ago when I lost a bunch of weight and as of today I am following the weight loss track of when I did the UCI meal replacements plan in 2004.

What's the official number? You'll have to check out Wednesday's episode.

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