Monday, February 7, 2011


So I'm another year older...well technically just a day older. What a difference a year does and doesn't make...

There's nothing like a major holiday or milestone that gets me thinking of the what if, has been, and never was moments of my life. I attribute many of these to my weight, but who's ultimately in charge of THAT?

Last year I literally went straight from a session with my UKC cohorts about our struggles to TGI Fridays for potato skins and a burger. A couple of years before I remember going to Weight Watchers to weigh in and doing the same thing.

This year I went crazy. Like really crazy. I ate breakfast at the grill in my office building, went out to lunch with my co-workers, went to happy hour, and then went to Dave and Busters.

Where has all of this gotten me? More importantly, why do I do this and how do I stop? I always wish I could capture the feeling of shame and regret that follows the euphoric feeling of eating. But more to come on that later...

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